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How to use different types of foundation brush and how to use it?

2019-08-28 12:01:13 17

How to use different types of foundation brush and how to use it?

In the whole makeup, the most important is the bottom makeup, so the most worthy of investment is the basic brush! So what's the difference between different types of foundation brushes? How to use the foundation brush?

In order to create a delicate makeup, there are tools to give strength in addition to makeup skills. Makeup tools, first of all to withstand the impact of foundation, after all, the most important make-up in the entire make-up, so the most natural is the foundation brush! Foundation brush will be faster than other makeup tools, and the details will be handled better. However, the skin condition is very bad, dry to the skin is not appropriate to use the foundation brush Oh!

Foundation brush is usually made of artificial fiber wool, because most of the foundation is moisture and grease, so the makeup brush can resist moisture and grease, and it can withstand washing, and artificial wool will be more able to use. However, because the brush will be more compact and compact, slightly harder touch, when using, do not exert too much, avoid skin sensitivity oh!

The type of foundation brush can be roughly divided into four types: flat head, flat head, round head and inclined head. Of course, there are also subdivision tilt head, tilt head, irregular brush head and so on.

Use different types of basic brush heads: suitable for matching thin foundation, such as foundation liquid, water powder cream, etc. When using liquid foundation, place the roots on the back of your hands and dip them on the bottom of the face. Smear your face from inside to outside. Brushes should be installed and used in fine parts such as nasal alae.

Round head: suitable for matching with thick foundation, such as foundation, starch, BB and so on. Dip it in the foundation, then apply it to the skin, like a small circle. Avoid T position. After completing, avoid cheeks, just apply the paint liquid to the center of the face, such as forehead and nose, and pay attention not to draw circles to apply these positions, so as to achieve a natural cosmetic effect.

Flat head: suitable for thick texture, such as foundation cream, BB. Use a brush to dip in a small amount of basic liquid and open outward from the middle of the surface to extend outward. If there is a special need for concealer, it can be selected as the first point of the brush. Then, it moves horizontally from the middle of the surface to the outside until the base liquid is applied evenly. What if the technology is correct, or if there is a slight brush? After the foundation is finished, rub the hands with hot hands, gently press the face. You can use facial skin or sponge to push the foundation faster, make the skin fusion, and effectively solve the brush marks. There is no way to solve this problem. This may be a problem with the brush itself, or it does not match the foundation. It can only change the base or the brush.