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Choose the suitable brush according to the material of the brush.

2019-08-28 12:02:05 15

Choose the suitable brush according to the material of the brush.

As we all know, the material of make-up brush is mainly divided into artificial hair and animal hair. Artificial hair and animal hair are not different in appearance, but they feel quite different. Here's a little braid to show you how to use that kind of make-up brush.

1. Artificial fibre wool

Advantages: Good for sensitive muscles, no odor of animal hair, relatively hard. The biggest advantage of artificial hair brush is that it is not afraid of water and grease. It is also more resistant to washing. So most of the foundation brush, eyeliner brush and lip brush are man-made fiber wool.

Disadvantage: Halo dye is general, relatively hard, there will be face pricking situation.

1. Wool

Advantages: The most common materials, good halo dyeing, powder grabbing, color, have more or less masculine taste. Wool is the main source of animal brushes.

Disadvantages: Low-grade wool brushes have no hair peaks, and the wool is rough, so the touch is tied.

2. Horsehair

Advantages: The washed pony hair is slightly hard, but the powder is strong, tough, and the color is good.

Disadvantage: Cheap horsehair brushes can be a bit pricked, often mixed with other materials in the brush, reduce costs. According to the evaluation of netizens, the best horse hair brush at present is in Huangyou Hall.

Cosmetic brush

3. Chinchilla hair

Advantages: Hair root fine halo dyed, very soft, face like spring breeze, make-up after a natural sense of gloss.

Disadvantage: Because it is too soft, the color is soft and the brush type is fluffy. It is suitable for making brushes of heavy color powder products (such as shadow brushes), and the price is relatively expensive.

4. Squirrel Hair

Advantages: The hair is smooth and soft.

Disadvantage: Dense hair but loose body, more suitable for small cosmetic brushes.

5. Wolf hair and mink hair

Advantages: good elasticity, as well as fibre hair, is very suitable for paste grabbing! In color extraction is far ahead. Many eye shadow brushes and eyebrow brushes are all made of this material.

Disadvantages: halo dyeing force is generally more suitable for making lip brush, eyeliner brush, the price is too expensive.

The above is what kind of makeup brush is good for use? The whole content, after reading the introduction above, you do not know what kind of makeup brush you are suitable for? Know your skin, according to your habitual makeup means to choose the right makeup brush.