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How long can the makeup brush last?

2019-08-28 12:04:16 18

How long can the makeup brush last?

How long can make-up brushes last? Before, I bought many brushes, including animal hair and fibre hair, and used them a few times, so I didn't wash them much. During this period of time, I need to use them. Can I still use them? Make-up brushes are necessary tools for every woman, but make-up brushes also have a useful life, so how long can make-up brushes be used? Now let's talk about it.

Cosmetic brush

All unused cosmetic brushes should be cleaned, stored or classified, otherwise they will be damaged. As for whether it can be used or not, we should clean it first and see if the brush's softness and grip power are not good after drying. Otherwise, you'll have to buy another makeup brush.

Generally speaking, the service life of cosmetic brushes is about one year.

Can prepare some more cost-effective brushes and soft makeup brushes, fiber wool material is good, you can see Ya Xiangli, piano system, Enochi, etc., these brushes are good, personal prefer Ya Xiangli makeup brushes, mainly fiber hair, and brush is very soft and comfortable, grab powder is good.

Cleaning and maintenance of cosmetic brushes:

Usually after the use of cosmetic brushes, they are washed daily with cold water, or with some mild cleanser, or special detergent for cosmetic brushes to clean the brush head. If it is animal hair, or more delicate, you can use Johnson's baby shampoo, or soap is also possible, because there will be a certain amount of oil, it is not easy to let brush hair fried.

It will be more convenient to cooperate with washing tools, such as wash pad, larger, more brushes, this wash is also very convenient, for different brushes, there will be different lines of block division, more detailed. For beginners, the small one with two fingers can be used, the one with eggs.

Brushes are basically cleaned in a circular way, so that they can be cleaned relatively clean, but the action must be gentle, not too strong! If it is animal hair brushes, it should be treated differently, remember to use the direction of the brush to determine the direction of your brush, that is to say, the facial brush should be single forward and backward. Style, not two-way (that is, don't go back and forth, follow the hair flow, ensure a direction, so that it is not easy to explode hair).

When washing, brush your head down and the water flows down. If the brush head is up or the whole brush is washed in water, you think you are clean, but in fact, the water can easily be left where the brush brush and brush rod are connected, so that the wooden handle of the brush is easy to crack.

After washing with water, wipe it again with a cotton towel. On the one hand, it ensures that there is no residual makeup on it. On the other hand, it can absorb excess water and dry faster. But remember to brush along the direction of the hair. It's not easy to explode.

Finally, air-drying. Just put it in a cool and ventilated place. Don't expose yourself to the sun. You can use the air brush rack, after cleaning, brush hair straightening, brush head down vertically placed in a cool ventilated place to dry, and wait for it to dry naturally. If it's some halo brushes or loose brushes, it's a little fried after washing? Never mind, put it on a protective cover, and it's the same after drying.