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How to use a cosmetic brush? 5 common brush sets

2019-08-28 12:05:10 18

How to use a cosmetic brush? 5 common brush sets

Today I will talk about the use of makeup tools and different special uses. At the same time, I remind you that make-up tools are easy to consume, so it is better to be clean after each use, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria, especially the brush should be regularly treated with brush cleaning fluid every week! _________. Below is a short introduction to the role and use of five brushes.

I. Scattered Painting

Powder brush is one of the tools used to fix makeup. It combines with honey powder or powder powder to make up. Maintain 5-6 hours of complete makeup, while achieving oil control effect, can generally create a mist effect of makeup.

When choosing loose brush, we should pay attention to whether the brush is dense and soft. Only soft and dense brush can not miss the facial defects and make-up in a large area. The shape of loose painting is generally round and fan-shaped, which can concentrate on cleaning powder, while the fan-shaped can take into account the overall contour of the face.

Usage: Dip in proper amount of honey powder or powder, gently sweep the face that has finished the bottom makeup, and stay for about 5 seconds in areas that are prone to sweating, such as the sides of nose wing, forehead and chin. Then clean it again along the contour of the face.

In addition, there is a lot of oil coming out from the girls in summer, so we can use loose brush to baking (wait for four or five minutes after a lot of honey powder is applied to the face, and then wipe off the excess powder with a smaller brush) to control oil. The effect is very good.

Two. Foundation Brush

The foundation brush is used for the makeup brush on the liquid foundation. Generally there are three kinds, one is the slant foundation brush. Not only can it brush the liquid foundation on the face, but also can make the repair brush and the high gloss brush. It is usually multifunctional brush; one is the flat bottom brush, mainly for the face foundation treatment; the other is the round Foundation brush, which is generally used for the local makeup effect. For the foundation brush, the most important thing is to choose a brush that is more regular and has a certain inclination. This not only improves the ability of partial concealer, but also takes into account the zygomatic bone.

Usage: dip the foundation with a foundation brush or dip the right amount of foundation liquid into the palm of your hand, and apply it to the forehead, chin and cheeks. (especially those with defective pox print can be overlaid with thick coating), then gently brush with a foundation brush. If you emphasize the high concealer, you can use the foundation brush to gently press the defect.

Three. Concealer Brush

The concealer brush is mainly aimed at the concealer of partial defects, and it can also make the whole makeup look more soft and perfect. Generally used for blemish blemish or blemish print concealer, suggest to use circular concealer brush. And some red blood or skin color difference, it is recommended to use a square concealer brush for large area of halo concealer. And the eye's Black Eye Concealer usually chooses blemish blemish than brush with blemish blemish brush, because the dark circles under the eyes are generally long stripes, needing detailed concealer. The choice of brushing must be soft and natural as the premise, try to brush more carefully.

Usage method:

Apply the concealer to the place where you need concealment, such as red and swollen pox and pox print, press gently at the acne spot, and deal with the boundary between the defect and the surrounding skin, so as to make it look as soft and natural as possible. It will not form any color difference with other skin. Finally, use the powder to fix the makeup, so that the concealer products and foundation will be liquid. Inosculate as a whole.

Four, eye shadow brush

Eye shadow brush is used as a tool for handling eye makeup. Generally speaking, the size of the eye shadow brush is smaller than that of the concealer brush and the loose powder brush. The meticulous brushes do not hurt the eyes and the soft and natural brush. Generally speaking, the eye shadow brush can be applied to both the eye shadow and the eye detail. The more elastic the brush, the more amazing the effect of makeup. It should also be taken into account that the amount of eye shadow taken every time will not make the eyelids feel the burden.

Usage: use eye shadow brush to dip in a small amount of eye shadow or eye shadow paste, gently sweep on the eyelids to achieve the effect of rendering; if you want to paint the eyeliner, choose the smaller one of the eye shadow brush gently in the direction of the eye line can be painted in one direction. The extension of the lower eye line and the outline of the eye shape can be done with the eye shadow brush.

Fifth, facial brush

Shaping is a common cosmetic technique used by Asian women. It can make our cheekbones look more prominent and make the whole face look more three-dimensional.

The brush is also one of the most important tools for facial repair, generally divided into two categories. One is facial brush, mainly in the cheekbones, forehead has been under the lips; the other is body brush, mainly in the chest, to create a more stereoscopic visual effect. Generally speaking, most of the facial brushes are inclined, because the angle of zygoma can be taken into account on the inclined surface; the circular facial brushes are less, and most of them are used to render the facial features of zygoma. The brushes of the repair brush are exquisite and meticulous.

Usage: First choose a light brown or barley color to hit the cheek and cheekbone in a large area, then use a deep brown to hit the cheekbone depression, and then use a facial brush to gently sweep along the direction of facial concavity and convexity, it must be swept across at an angle, try not to destroy the other parts of the face makeup color and effect.