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Make-up brushes popular science, few brushes you dare say you can make-up? Novice must see!

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Make-up brushes popular science, few brushes you dare say you can make-up? Novice must see!

Make-up brush popular science, novice must see! Few brushes do you dare say you can make up?, make-up brush is the basic tool of makeup artists, make-up artists can make up can be so good-looking is absolutely not hand-made, of course, without our best assistant makeup brush. People who like make-up should know Pony!, the following edition will introduce you to the knowledge of makeup brushes.

Speaking of make-up, we have to mention Pony, the cosmetic God who has spread all over the cosmetic world. On the skill of "changing face", I am afraid that the 72 changes of Monkey King will also lose to Pony. Pony God can create such a high degree of reduction of imitation makeup, in addition to its own anti-heaven makeup technology, of course, also can not be separated from the support of various cosmetic tools. As the most practical cosmetic tool, makeup brush is indispensable for a perfect makeup.

For girls who have just come into contact with makeup, the bigger question than "how to use makeup brushes" is "how to choose makeup brushes?"

There are so many kinds of make-up brushes! They can be compared to the periodic table of chemical elements, and "finding a suitable makeup brush" becomes a magnificent dividing line between the makeup white and the cosmetic god.

Speaking of the types of make-up brushes, the first one is a "family photo of makeup brushes". Through this picture, fairies can get a preliminary understanding of all kinds of brushes. They don't need to buy all the brushes in Qitu (of course, local heroes, please feel free). After all, besides professional cosmeticians and senior cosmetics men, they don't need so many brushes in their daily life.

For the fairies of the entry level of makeup, it is not recommended to start the makeup brush set group, try to buy one by one. Because, generally in a set of brushes, there will always be a few chicken ribs thick thread, for novice makeup, just got do not know how to use each, over time it has to idle ash.

Generally speaking, the brush of cosmetic brush can be divided into natural brush and artificial fiber brush.

Natural brush:

It's essentially animal hair. Hair is collected when animals shed their hair naturally.


Ultra-soft brush, make-up experience is very good. Because animal hair has its own pores, it is easier to grab powder and make up more evenly. Most suitable for use with powder products, such as eye shadow powder, loose powder, blush and so on. Can be better dizzy powder products, make-up into one.


Because of the natural hair, the brush is easier to fall off after a long time, so the life is shorter. People allergic to animal hair should not use it. Prices are generally more expensive. The requirement of brush cleaner is high, and more maintenance work should be done in the later period.

Artificial brush:

It is usually made of synthetic materials such as polyester fiber and nylon.


Cheap price, good man-made brushes will be very cost-effective. It can also be used by people with animal hair allergens. Because it does not contain pores, it will not absorb too much products, so it is most suitable for use with liquid and paste products, such as liquid foundation, concealer, lipstick and so on. Longer life, bristle is not easy to fall off, easier to clean, and relatively less maintenance work in the later period.

Longer life, bristle is not easy to fall off, easier to clean, and relatively less maintenance work in the later period.


Because the brush is not as soft as the natural brush, it may feel a little pricked when used. Powdered products are less effective than natural brushes. The effect of halo dyeing is not very good.

According to the precious degree of brush:

Diao Mao (Huang Langmao): the texture is soft and moderate, suitable for brushing eye shadow.

Squirrel hair (including chinchilla hair): the most soft and comfortable texture, used for loose powder brush, blush brush.

Horse hair: its texture is stronger than that of goat hair, and it is mostly used as an eye shadow brush.

Bristle: The hardest texture, mostly used for eyebrow painting.

Goat wool: The most commonly used brushes are soft and durable. White-pointed wool and medium glossy peak wool are the best products in wool brushes. They are widely used in various brushes.

When fairies buy Cosmetic brushes, they often have a little misunderstanding that natural hair brushes are better than artificial hair brushes.

In fact, this is not exactly the case. We should choose according to the type of brush. Just like foundation brush, eyebrow brush can choose artificial wool. The advantage of artificial wool is good care, of course, because the price is very consciences.

In short, each has its own advantages, you can choose according to the actual situation.

When it comes to how to choose a suitable brush for your own makeup, it is inevitable to emphasize once again that you should not blindly and impulsively start a whole set of brushes!

Many cosmetic brushes can be used for "one brush and multi purpose", such as blush brush, which can be used for blush or shade. For example, some eye halo brushes can also be used for eyebrow and nose highlight brushes. In short, many brushes can be adjusted flexibly according to individual needs, not necessarily a radish pit.

Here I summarize my experience in purchasing and using cosmetic brushes for many years, sorting out several types of cosmetic brushes that novices must enter. "How to choose a makeup brush?" "How to use it?" "Look down carefully and give you the answer.

Foundation Brush

There are 100 ways to paste makeup products on the face: makeup brush, air cushion powder puff, makeup egg, and our hands. But using makeup brush to make up will be more hygienic. What's more, the primer with brush will have better concealer.

There are 4 basic types of brush on the market, including flat head, round head, tongue shape and toothbrush shape. These kinds of brushes are usually the same.